Steve Sue Joins STEM Ecosystems EAC

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Research

Executive Advisory Committee ("EAC") STEM Ecosystems | Bizgenics FoundationI recently joined the Executive Advisory Committee (“EAC”) of STEM Ecosystems, a committee to shape the national collaborative of regional education ecosystems specializing in STEM-based education and workforce development pipelines. This is a great opportunity to be a fly on the wall to conversations among some really smart national leaders in STEM so I’m committing to be present and learn all that I can.

STEM Ecosystems EAC from New Orleans to Cleveland

Executive Advisory Committee ("EAC") STEM Ecosystems | Bizgenics FoundationFirst meetings of this group took place during the STEM Ecosystems Spring 2018 Convening in New Orleans. We were treated to some top-level discussions, thinking and New Orleans hospitality. 34 delegates from around the country worked in this group to define a new strategic plan for the organization. The group questioned the organization to the very heart of its existence and challenged every assumption. Following New Orleans, a two-day session was in Cleveland to continue the conversation and set decision points.

STEM Customization: Every Region Different

Executive Advisory Committee ("EAC") STEM Ecosystems | Bizgenics FoundationWhat emerged from discussions was a clear picture of how each and every region has a unique blend of challenges and needs. One size fits all solutions generally didn’t hold much water. So programatic flexibility was a key takeaway for us. That said, there were consistent themes such as the interest in employer demand-side training and the move to project-based learning methodologies. With these and other focus points in mind, the forward-looking strategy for STEM Ecosystems was created including a revised funding model, programming and governance structure.

Plan to be Unveiled Fall, 2019

Executive Advisory Committee ("EAC") STEM Ecosystems | Bizgenics FoundationThe new plan will be unveiled at the STEM Ecosystems Fall Convening, 2019 in Cleveland.