Teachers Trained on BizzyB at iTeach Conference, Honolulu, HI

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Partners, Theory, Applications, Research

One hundred sixty-eight Hawai’i Department of Education teachers trained on BizzyB at the iTeach Conference on June 13, 2019 in Hawaiʻi’s Honolulu Convention Center. At the session, teachers were invited to sign up as student users. Their goal was to do a simple project-based learning exercise to generate a personal project, personal digital portfolios and 21st Century life skill assessments.

Survey results include:


6 charts showing BizzyB survey results from teachers

About iTeach

iTeach is a new education conference sponsored by the Hawaiʻi Department of Education (HIDoE). Some 600 teachers and administrators gathered at the Honolulu Convention Center to convene on the state of education and best practices for our state. While there was no exhibition hall, BizzyB was invited to present as a new paradigm in education.


Participants gather at their tables to watch a presentation

Professional Development & Teacher 20% Rev Share Authoring

Spring 2020 will include the first real professional development (PD) training sessions produced by HIDoE in cooperation with the Office of Hawaiian Education. Teachers will be able to take a day-long PD training on the system. Further, both teachers and students will be able to take curriculum authoring sessions. Note that authors gain a 20% revenue share, payable in the form of transferable BizzyB project tokens.


Two participants pose at BizzyB Breakathon 2019


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