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Mentor roles are free. Team project users can get a free trial or unlimited premium membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What age is BizzyB for?

BizzyB is designed for students ages 13 and up. At some point in the near future, provisions will be put in place to allow for safe use by children under 13. For now, please do not allow students under 13 years of age to use BizzyB.

What parental controls exist?

Students and their respective parents connect accounts at BizzyB so that parents have viewing rights over their children’s content. Parents also have control to hide their respective children from public view.

What’s free and what’s pay?

Students receive free accounts that include a personal digital portfolio of BizzyB projects, achievements and assessments. Students may upgrade to a monthly subscription membership to enjoy lessons, project templates and contests. All other roles and their related features are entirely free including curriculum authors, contest managers, group managers, mentors, judges and parents.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes. Annual subscription discounts are available for individual users. Additionally, bulk subscription discounts are available for orders of at least 500 user month purchases.

Can I downgrade to free?

Yes. Students may downgrade accounts at anytime to end monthly payments. Following downgrade, the current monthly term will continue until the end of the monthly term.

What happens if I downgrade?

Downgraded accounts revert to free mode where user retains access to digital portfolio and soft skill assessment reports. Lessons and projects in process will be frozen but may be re-activated upon renewal of subscription.