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BizzyB is a collaborative innovation solution for invention- and project-based learning.

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A Better Way to Challenge, Collaborate, Innovate & Learn

BizzyB is a new paradigm in invention-based education that instills the 21st Century soft skills into students. A unique blend of hands-on, team-based collaboration tools for project innovation foster the development of soft skills that employers increasingly demand.

At School

BizzyB integrates traditional content mastery learning (including STEM topics) with contemporary project-based learning and entrepreneurial training. Empower your students in class, club and capstone settings.

At Home

Engage your students with maker, DIY (Do It Yourself) and entrepreneurial projects. With BizzyB online, students, ages 13 and up, can collaborate together on a remote basis from multiple households.


Anyone, including schools, teachers, students and companies can create online challenges, hackathons and business plan competitions at BizzyB.


Business help organizations can support entrepreneurs with BizzyB including multi-member team collaboration and remote collaboration by mentors and advisors.

Concept Canvas

Start on paper with a Free Concept Canvas PDF or online at BizzyB to ensure comprehensive consideration of the 5 Essential Themes of Innovation.


Master foundational content, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), through Lesson topics & step-by-step instructions.


Host or enter a contest. BizzyB is ideal for hosting hackathons, business plan competitions, class challenges and other innovation projects. 


Share your expertise with specific groups,  and/or the BizzyB community at large by authoring step-by-step Lessons and/or Project Templates.


Create your own community group for a class or club. Group features include creating syllabi, masking public view and selecting soft skill assessments.


Supercharge your Concept Canvas and Project Journal with industry category templates that include tips, examples and inspirational quotes. 

Remote Mentors

Advise teams remotely from anywhere, anytime, via any device including mobile. BizzyB includes built-in comment channels and feedback surveys.

Digital Portfolio

Build a personal digital portfolio to aggregate project summaries, badges, certifications, contest awards, authored works and soft skill assessments.

Your Mobile Workshop 

Evolve your innovation projects from anywhere, anytime. Collaborate with your entire team including mentors. As a web-based app, BizzyB is designed for use on mobile devices to keep invention and collaboration tools at your fingertips.


Connect Team Members

Keep your mentors and team members connected and brainstorming on your project through a digital concept journal and key topic comment channels.

Plan & Pitch

Create a B-Plan & Deck

Gain confidence that you’ve considered all the key themes of innovation and entrepreneurship through the BizzyB Concept Canvas and Project Journal system. Reports include Business Plan and Pitch Deck.

Achieve Your Goals

Set Goals & Track Impacts

Prove your project’s value by setting goals and tracking “3P” Impacts that help People, Planet and Philanthropies (use of profit to support philanthropies).

BizzyB enables youth around the world to work together to affect positive change…

BizzyB enables youth around the world to work together to affect positive change. I’m so excited to see this next generation tool revolutionize education. 

Susie Chun-Oakland, Retired Hawai’i State Senator


BizzyB is a First-of-Its-Kind Innovation Learning Platform

Connect students, parents, educators, education institutions and employers on this powerful innovation and entrepreneurship platform.

As a new education paradigm, BizzyB offers employer-demanded life-skill training through a project-based innovation & entrepreneurship environment.

Is BizzyB Free?

BizzyB is a “Freemium” model which means that basic features are offered free of charge and advanced features offered via upgrade subscription membership. 

What is a Concept Canvas?

BizzyB Concept Canvas is a design-thinking workspace to brainstorm the 5 key themes of an innovation project. As a checklist, it’s appropriate for any project-based experience.

How Do Contests Work?

Individuals or teams create projects for submission to contests. Contests include entry instructions, rules, judging criteria, sponsors, awards, prizes and more.

What Age is BizzyB For?

Use of BizzyB online is limited to individuals ages 13 years old and up. This restriction is designed to protects the privacy of young minors. Print materials are open to all.

What is Virtual Mentorship?

Mentors collaborate with project teams on a remote basis through feedback surveys, and review and comment on project content. All mentoring features are free.

Is It Accessible on Mobile?

Yes. BizzyB works as well on mobile as any other device. Mobile readiness is a top priority for BizzyB as it’s now a ubiquitous device for even at-risk individuals.


Includes BizzyB Concept Canvas, Virtual Mentorship, Contests, Personal Portfolio, Soft Skills Assessments and more!

Premium Features

Upgrade features include expanded Project Templates, Reports, Feedback Surveys and more. See All Features »

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