Tech-Tonic Shifts: How to Transform Education With Information Technology

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Theory, Applications, Research

At the Fall 2019 STEM Ecosystems Convening in Cleveland, OH, four breakouts in Policy, Learning Management Systems, STEM, Soft Skills & SEL Assessments, and Workforce Development explored how information technology is driving educational trends, tools, practices and concerns.


STEM Ecosystems Fall Convening, 2019 Cleveland, OH | BizzyB

People gather at the STEM Ecosystems Fall Convening, 2019 Cleveland, OH | BizzyB

BizzyB LMS Emerges

BizzyB emerged in the Learning Management Systems and Assessments categories as a leading-edge approach to how technology can be applied to push the envelope of education.

Interestingly, most LMSs weren’t found to be interactive applications at all, but paperless approaches to delivering traditional curriculum via downloaded PDFs. As such, these offerings limited the communal collaboration, creativity, critical-thinking and communication that interactive Project-Based Learning (PBL) systems like BizzyB offer.

The Need for Remote Mentorship

At the same time, lack of interactivity also foreclosed the inclusion and participation of remote mentors. This is particularly key for regions where users are geographically remote from mentors. Remote features are needed in order to take the best advantage of mentor time. For example, the ability of mentors to participate on a remote basis is key to high-demand mentors who don’t have time to travel.