Youth Services Center Entrepreneurship Kicks Off

by | Feb 28, 2021 | Partners, Applications, Research, Curriculum

Youth Services Center Entrepreneurship BizzyB Micro Badges | BizgenicsA 4-month BizzyB entrepreneurship experience for high school students kicked off at the Youth Services Center at Dole Canary, Honolulu. In this system, students ages 18-24 experience 4 tracks of team-based entrepreneurship in culinary, building, product design and software app development. The four topics were selected as relevant to both student career pathways and Hawaii’s key industries.

Personal Creative Skills Insight

Students began the experience by taking pre-experience surveys that included the VIBE® Creative Skill Assessment. VIBE measures 12 skills of the creative cycle in order to determine an individual’s creative style, i.e., the parts of the creative process that the individual is most interested in participating. This is valuable knowledge to individuals for both personal insight and selection of career pathways.

Team-Building, Soft Skills & Leadership Training

Teams were built by selecting individuals with complimentary VIBE Creative Skill Aspirations. The goal was to create holistic teams that had at least one individual that could cover each of the creative cycle skills. Teams are also created in order to create collaborative experiences that build “Soft Skills” like creativity, critical-thinking, collaboration and communication skills. Team members also assumed leader roles for Fab Five topics to facilitate brainstorming for respective topics and to record journal entries for the experience. Leadership roles are contextualized to the industry experience. For example, Fab Five leaders included Restauranteur/GM (Idea), Chef/Mixologist (Inventor), Marketer (Story), Host (Users) and Accountant (Goals).

Design-Thinking & Entrepreneurship via the STEP Learning™ Model

YSC Entrepreneurship | BizzyB BizgenicsThe STEP learning model is ideal for design-thinking and entrepreneurship training as it combines traditional knowledge-based learning (See & Try), project-based learning (Evolve, via Fab Five™ design-thinking) and challenge-based learning (Pitch via entrepreneurship showcases).

Blended Live & Remote Online Learning

The sessions are held at YSC’s new facility at Dole Canary. COVID-19 Social distancing rules are still in effect, so the option for students to participate live or via BizzyB online have been provided.