Seamless In-Class to Virtual Learning

by | Jul 12, 2020 | Partners, Theory, Research

As Fall draws nearer, schools around the world are having to make the difficult decision whether to reopen. More and more, it appears, they will have to remain flexible. According to the recent USA Today article, “‘This is hell’: Parents and kids hate online learning, but they could face more of it,” many reopening plans rely on hybrid learning schedules, in which students attend school on alternating days or weeks and learn from home on the other days.

In some districts, the schedule may change from week to week, depending on the number of infections in the community, shifting between in-class, staggered, alternating, and 100% virtual learning. Overwhelmingly, “home schooling” is proving difficult for parents, but transitioning back and forth between in-class and virtual learning can cause its own set of problems due to continuity issues.


BizzyB’s Project-Based Collaborative Learning

The great news is that BizzyB is uniquely positioned to address these challenges. Because it’s an online “software as a service” platform, it can be used both in the classroom and at home seamlessly. It’s optimized for mobile use, so it can easily be used on phones for greater accessibility. According to a Pew Research report, 96% of American households own a cell phone, while only 75% own a computer.

BizzyB can integrate traditional lessons via texts, video, or “wikiHow” style visual instructions, but the highlight is that BizzyB allows for project-based-learning and group projects. Project templates inspire and guide students to brainstorm, research, and design a solution to just about any type of problem and then easily export the results as a finished report or presentation.

Students can collaborate, as well as receive feedback through mentor sidebar comments in real time (similar to Google Docs or Microsoft SharePoint). BizzyB group projects provide a level of engagement that one-sided video lectures cannot. Many students who participated in the recent BizzyB hackathons have appreciated the social interaction from working with their teammates during quarantine.


Tackling Key Educational Trends

BizzyB also aligns with a number of key educational trends including:

  • Applying STEM/STEAM for experiential, innovation, entrepreneurial project-based learning.
  • Blended & Multi-Disciplinary Learning which includes content mastery, project-based learning, and combining knowledge in new ways.
  • Teachers serving more as coaches as content mastery is increasingly automated.
  • Career Pathways & Workforce Development such as academies, internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing, and mentorships.
  • Micro-badge certifications for STEM-based skills.
  • Balanced unbiased content and equal access for everyone.


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