Meet the BizzyB Dev Team: Can Nerds Dance?

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Partners, Development

BizzyB Dhaka TeamBizzyB is built by two software development teams: one in Honolulu, Hawai’i and the other in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Honolulu unit specializes in front end design including research, use cases, technical specifications and user interface design. The Dhaka unit specializes in data architecture, security, service hosting, coding and quality assurance.

Leading Edge Design

BizzyB Dhaka TeamOur design team participates in a number of local and national education organizations sitting on STEM, SEL and workforce development committees. We also produce a number of invention challenges like hackathons that combine STEM with Soft Skill learning experiences. In terms of curriculum, we write project-based learning books and software. And we’re conversant in common core alignments. All of this manifests to a strong design team that is equipped to push the envelope of education.

Leading Edge Technology & Coding

BizzyB Dhaka TeamOur tech team is drafted from the best of the best. Each of our engineers is selected from literally thousands of applicants and hard tested before being able to work on live projects. Our engineers work with state of the art technologies that few, except for only the most sophisticated, can access. In the world of software, you only have to look at an app to “feel” whether it’s well-built or not. Speed is a key feature in apps and you’ll find that BizzyB is as snappy as Facebook, Google or any other top quality application.

Can Developers Dance?

See this movie and judge for yourself…