As the BizzyB project-based learning and mobile mentoring platform moves closer to its alpha launch in January 2018, a high-powered team of professionals are hard at work.

The efforts of these talented individuals will help students around the world develop critical “soft skills” – teamwork, communication, critical thinking and more – by completing fun and engaging entrepreneurial tasks in BizzyB’s business adventure library.

Team Focuses on Developing Student ‘Soft Skills’

Here are some of the people making BizzyB a reality:

• Steve Sue, BizzyB executive producer, contributing creator and content services. An accomplished entrepreneur, Steve founded, an entrepreneur’s acceleration system for starting and growing business enterprises. Steve also founded the nonprofit BizGym Foundation, which produces youth initiatives such as the Lemonade Alley kid-biz challenge and Camp BizGym.

• Mark Loughridge, BizzyB producer and user experience director. Mark is a seasoned game producer/designer and former owner of Foundation 9 Entertainment, the largest independent game studio in the world with over 1,000 employees and some 400 titles to its credit. Mark is also connected with MIT, Punahou School and other top private institutions. He’s donating his services to BizzyB.

• Brian Dote, engineering PM and UI design. Brian owns Tapiki, LLC, a user-interface and app-building firm. He’s also CIO of Mid-Pacific Institute, a top private K-12 school in Honolulu.

• Ha Pham and team, Luxcer, LLC, CA/Vietnam. Ha and his staff manage and are now contracted to develop BizzyB.

• Tim Caminos, digital marketing services. Tim founded RankHI, a Hawaii-based digital marketing firm. He also serves as BizGym Foundation treasurer.

• Louise Ing, BizzyB legal counsel. Louise, a managing partner of Honolulu’s largest law firm, serves on the BizGym Foundation Board of Directors. She generously donates her services pro bono to BizzyB.