What is a Project? 

Activate innovative, collaborative and solution-based learning with projects!

Project templates consist of journal topics, lessons, real-life examples, and design-thinking methodology to grow your idea from conception to an actual product with a story, target audience, and clear, solution-driven objectives. 

Project Owners can create new projects using the BizzyB Fab Five Concept Canvas. Customize your project by adding curriculum, engage with your students via comment channels, and keep everyone on track by setting deadlines. 

Project Members will find hints, instructions, and even inspirational quotes throughout the project. Collaborate with your peers through instant messaging, provide positive recognition with Idea Credits, and use Surveys as a fun way to test your project with your target audience!

Alright, that’s enough talk – let’s get “Bizzy!”

    BizzyB Project Library

    Joining an Existing Project

    Has a teacher or classmate already created a project template? Cool!  

    1. Just click “Join a Project” to join an existing project. 
    2. Type in the Project name to search for and select the project. 
    3. Indicate whether you’ll be joining as a Team Member or a Mentor. 
    4. Press “Submit” to request to join. BizzyB allows Project Owners to control the project’s privacy settings and restrictions. You’ll have to wait for the Mentor to approve your request before you can join! 

    Choosing a Project Template

    Let’s say you want to begin a project as the Project Owner. Select “Add Project” to go to the Project Library.
    In the Project Library, you can browse and select project templates by curriculum, organizations, or goals or you can create your own project with the BizzyB Generic Template. 

    Browsing and Selecting a Project

    1. Use the menu on the left to sort through projects by goals, curriculum, or by organizations. BizzyB features a wide variety of entrepreneurial and innovation projects.
    2. If a project catches your interest, go ahead and click on the title to see an overview of the project!
      The overview includes preparation tips from the Creator, a breakdown of the learning objectives, as well as a list of the curriculum and lessons used in the project.
    3. Click “Start Project” to name your project and get started! 


    Starting Your Own Project With the BizzyB Generic Template

    The BizzyB Fab Five Concept Canvas contains the 5 essential themes to any innovation concept. These themes, or journal topics, will help you and your team fully develop, plan, and execute your project.


    1. Click on the “Journal” tab to get a quick glimpse at your team’s completion of each journal topic.
      Team Leaders can set due dates using the purple calendar icon found in each journal topic.
    2. Use the “Team” tab  to pick and assign one or multiple team members as Topic Leaders.
      Topic Leaders or team members who lead the rest of the group through each theme or journal topic!

    Click on any of the shapes or tabs to start that journal topic!

    1. IDEA
      Get those creative juices flowing and start brainstorming!
      Is there a problem you believe is worth solving?
      Can you envision the solution as a product or service? Who benefits from your idea?
      You have the freedom (and the power!) to imagine a new future, all thanks to your idea. Don’t be shy, this is your time to go for it!
      Now it’s time to bring your project to life and start designing an invention!
      Whether it’s a product or service, be clear and direct about your invention’s features and benefits… as well as what you need to create it.
      Verify your invention’s strength by surveying friends and family, doing some online research, or even observing users interacting with your product.
      Get everyone involved! Click the gray speech bubble to add feedback or ask questions.
    3. STORY
      Remember, people buy products or services to look, feel, and be a certain way.
      How will you define your product’s story, image, and identity?
      Think of keywords and visual elements that will define your brand. Your project’s story isn’t just about the product but also about your team. Who are you?
      Don’t forget to stay concise, focused, and keep testing!

    4. USERS
      Identify your target audience as well as influencers or notable figures who can sway your audience into using (and loving) your product.
      You’ll also learn about Use Cases or ways to help your target audience envision themselves using your product.
      Does selling your service or product seem daunting? Think of it like this: what do people care about? How does your service appeal to their priorities and their values?
      Use Surveys to test your product with your target audience! View your Survey results with the Survey button.
    5. GOALS
      When setting your goals, ask yourself, “How will our product or service impact the world in a positive way?”
      Don’t be afraid to set profit goals for your team; you deserve to invest in your satisfaction, especially when you’re working hard!
      But remember that sustainable and meaningful success considers the wellbeing of the planet and the community. Think of it as a cycle: the more you give, the more you receive and so it goes on and on.

    Congratulations, you’ve finally completed your project!
    Use the Checkout page to send out emails with links to your project. Be sure to share with any educators or mentors who helped you, as well as any potential investors.

    Project Settings & Teams

    Click the “More” tab in the Project Menu, then select “Settings”. 

    Use “Settings” to manage the Project Name, photos, social media links, as well as whether your project is open or closed to people who may want to add it themselves.

    To manage your Team, click the “More” tab, then select “Team”.
    As the Project Owner, you can invite Mentors, Team Members, and transfer ownership to another BizzyB user.


    Use lessons, or curriculum, to bolster your team’s understanding of any of your project’s topics!

    The BizzyB Generic Template includes 20 lessons designed to guide your team through each Innovation Theme or project topic.
    (Premium members can browse the Library and add relevant and interesting lessons to their projects.)

    1. Click the “Lessons” tab in the Project Menu to view the lessons attached to your project.
    2. Select any lesson from the menu on the left to see an overview of the lesson including preparation tips and lesson objectives.
      If you’d like to assign a due date to any lesson, just click the calendar icon in the top right corner.
    3. Click “I want to take this lesson” to start!
      Each lesson has Steps, or activities, that will further develop your understanding of each Fab Five Innovation Theme or topic through brainstorming exercises and team discussions.
      All lessons are printable, ensuring simple and easy classroom distribution. 

    Want to make sure that everyone has mastered the material?
    Take lesson quizzes after completing all of the activities to check your understanding!


    Presentation Decks
    Now we’re at the most exciting part of your project… the pitch. 

    Create Presentation Decks or Pitch Decks to easily present your project for different uses such as a contest, getting funding, or selling your invention! 

    1. Convert Journal Themes and sections into a slide simply by checking the boxes in the Slide Menu on the left. 
    2. To create a custom Pitch Deck, click “Add Title Slide” or “Add Custom Slide”. 
    3. When you’re ready to present, simply press the purple Play button, located in the top right hand corner! Any team member can also print the entire deck or selected slides, send an embed link, or leave comments. 


    Use the B-Plan to turn your project into a business plan! This tab creates a document illustrating your project’s objectives as well as your strategies for achieving them.
    Simply use the menu on the left to include or exclude any of your project’s topics or sections. 

    Testing your project by seeking feedback from peers, friends, family, or anyone who fits your target audience is a crucial part of your project’s success!
    Use the Survey Form at the bottom of each Journal Topic to create and send out surveys via email.
    When survey participants respond, you’ll receive a notification! Simply click the Notification icons or the “Survey” icon to view your survey results and comments. 

    Public Page

    Show off your project’s highlights using the Public Page tab! Here, you’ll find a brief summary of each Journal Topic, along with an overview of your Team Members and Idea Credits.

    Use the “Share” icon to get an embed link that you can send out to potential clients or fellow students. 

    You can also use the “Promote” tab to send out emails to groups of people while also including a message with the link to the Public Page.


    Track all of your project’s deadlines in one place in the Calendar tab!
    Add Events or click on existing events to edit event descriptions and deadlines.

    Add reminders to alert your team members of upcoming due dates. You can also invite team members to events to ensure that they are included in all notifications and updates!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is blended learning?

    Blended learning means the combination of different learning styles and/or the combination of virtual and in-class program delivery. BizzyB supports three major learning paradigms (lesson-based, project-based and challenge-based) as well as combinations of remote and classroom learning.

    How teach remote & class?

    The key to blending remote and in-class learning experiences is developing curriculum that work both with and without an instructor present. BizzyB is designed with this in mind as well as curriculum that allows for both synchronous and asynchronous implementation.

    How do hackathons work?

    BizzyB project journal is designed for projects to be submitted to in-app contests, including multi-user team member management, mentorship features, judging and showcase features. Lessons may be custom authored or existing lessons attached to a contest including entered on contest calendar for reviews and/or deadline submissions.

    Can I control access?

    Yes. Authors of lessons and project templates have the option to sequester access to specific BizzyB groups. For example, an author desiring to market a summer camp can create curriculum and sequester use of it to a single camp group. This allows for the author to charge a separate camp registration fee.

    Can adults pay for students?

    Yes. Anyone with a credit card can open a free account to pay for student user upgrade subscriptions. Group managers can pay for entire groups of users.

    Is BizzyB useful to startups?

    Yes. BizzyB project journaling is an ideal backbone system for incubators, accelerators and business help organizations to create and evolve startup business models. Journals may be edited by multiple team members and mentors may view and comment at no cost.

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