BizzyB UN Global Sustainable Development Goals Summer Internship

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Partners, Development, Curriculum

We are so proud of our eight summer STEMworks students who interned virtually at Bizgenics Foundation. They worked hard over four weeks to develop curriculum for BizzyB around the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are now available worldwide for anyone to use. Each student served as the primary author for one project template and co-author for a second project template. In addition, they created five lessons to go with each template.

In the process, they found out that researching and designing curriculum taught them the subject matter better than any class could. The collaboration, time-management, and communication soft skills that they practiced will prepare them for a future post-school job market. They also discovered more about themselves and the world around them. Ultimately, they just had a lot of fun interacting with students across the state, which helped overcome some of the isolation of quarantine.



Here, in their own words are their thoughts on the internship experience:


Abigail Villanueva: Quality Education

Abigail Villanueva worked on UN 4: Quality Education and created a lesson that provides an overview of different teaching methodologies.

“I created a template and lessons full of information and inspiration that teachers could use to teach students about Goal 4. This internship really opened my eyes to the struggles youth face to achieve quality education. As a future educator, I learned about the importance of creating engaging lessons and guidance for students. Throughout this internship, working with the mentors and my co-author really highlighted the importance of group collaboration.”

Jade Custer: Reduce Inequalities

Jade Custer worked on UN 10: Reduce Inequalities and created a lesson on the best way to change people’s attitudes.

“Being a STEMworks Intern has been a very interesting part of my summer and let me work with groups of people I had not worked with before. I was also able to talk to multiple mentors for help and rely with my 2 partners for help. During this internship, I improved my skills in writing, teamwork, leadership, and researching. Being a Stemworks Intern to me meant being someone who cares about the future of themselves and the world around them. Stemworks Interns used their time to better the future of the world all while learning about being in a workplace environment.”

Napua Canales: Sustainable Cities & Communities

Napua Canales worked on UN 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities and created a lesson on assembling a vision board to help people realize their sustainability goals and tell their stories.

“Doing extensive research about how important it is for cities to implement new policies in terms of reducing carbon emissions, increasing public transportation, and providing more green spaces to make their city more sustainable was a HUGE eye-opener– as I live on the small island of Kauai, where ‘city life’ is pretty much non-existent. Being put in a position where I was tasked to provide materials for a project and five lessons on a topic I had little to no knowledge of upon entering my internship was definitely a challenge, but it helped me broaden my perspective of the world around me and hopefully my project can allow other students to experience the same thing.”


Mahalo to each of our interns for your hard work and dedication to creating a better future!

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