BizzyB at HICSS 2018 Conference, Presented by High School Student Chloe Loughridge

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Press, Partners, Theory, Applications, Research

BizzyB at HICSS 2018BizzyB theory was presented at the 2018 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). HICSS is a leading conference for information systems and Information technology academics and professionals. HICSS sponsored by the University of Hawaii at Manoa. A distinguished presentation team headed by academic leaders Kaveh Abhari (University of Hawaii) and Andrew Lazarow (Tisch Center, NYU) presented theories on BizzyB as a working model that combines innovation, design-thinking, project-based learning, STEM and soft skill training as a single learning platform. Also on the team: Mark Loughridge, Myron Nakata, Tim Caminos, Devin Furutani, Julia Moskeyko, Chloe Loughridge, Rachel Routh and Steve Sue.

Youngest Ever to Present at HICSS

High School students Julia Moskeyko and Chloe Loughridge were credited as the youngest students to ever present at HICSS. Julia dialed into a session from California while Chloe presented live at the conference. Both did an amazing job presenting theory, application and student voice related to the program during sessions. Both were heralded as amazingly articulate and smart. The future is in good hands with capable young adults like these.

BizzyB Explained in Chloe Loughridge Interview

Chloe Loughridge also did an exceptional job presenting BizzyB theory in a half-hour interview on the HICSS Channel guest hosted by BizzyB founder Steve Sue. Chloe outlined the deep theory then focused on extended future applications of BizzyB. As a platform, BizzyB is positioned to revolutionize education and this student clearly gets it.

What Happened in Waikoloa Won’t Stay in Waikoloa

Even though our team had an enjoyable stay at the Waikoloa Resort (Island of Hawai’i), we kept on task with pushing the envelope of system sciences and education. Thanks to all who attended our sessions and team members who participated in presenting.