Here’s the latest exciting news about our BizzyB project-based learning and mobile mentoring platform, which helps students develop 21st Century “soft skills” such as teamwork, communication and critical thinking.

We’re happy to report that about 8,000 students, teachers and mentors will begin using a simplified version of BizzyB on August 1st through a partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Launch Club.

This innovative club, soon to be called, provides materials and mentoring support to high schools across North America allowing students to acquire business skills and entrepreneurial mindsets by establishing startup companies.

Students Unleash ‘Inner Entrepreneur’ Through Project-Based Learning

The goal is for students to “unleash their inner entrepreneur” by taking action, learning from results and making changes to improve future chances of success. BizzyB will help students accomplish these worthy goals, step by step, while mentors provide expert guidance along the way.

Our nonprofit Bizgenics Foundation, the developers of BizzyB, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with MIT Launch Club. Under the agreement, Bizgenics Foundation will create its first white label version of BizzyB, which MIT will rebrand as its own.

This abridged version of BizzyB will feature a single generic startup project template that doesn’t include features such as BizCoin, Wallet, Business Adventure Library, Soft Skills Assessments and Push Notifications.

To meet the August 1st deadline for the MIT live launch, we’ve adjusted our BizzyB production schedule. Once the MIT white label is complete, we’ll refocus our attention on the alpha version of BizzyB, which will include our Business Adventure Library and other special features.

Under this new schedule, the BizzyB alpha launch will take place at the end of January 2018. As you can see, it’s an exciting time for BizzyB. We’re buzzing with activity!