BizzyB White Labeled for MIT LaunchX Program

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Partners, Theory, Applications, Research

LaunchX, the MIT high school feeder program reports that over 6,000 students in 26 countries along with over 2,000 mentors enjoyed creating concepts through the LaunchX white label version of BizzyB. Through the process, the BizzyB team worked closely with the LaunchX team including founder Laurie Stach who visited Honolulu several times to ensure that the project went off without a hitch.

A Learning Moment

At BizzyB, we saw this partnership as a key learning moment to test our theories on how to integrate STEM learning with project-based activities. As an alpha test of BizzyB, we believe the learnings will drive the completion of a new paradigm in digital education.

About LaunchX

LaunchX Club provides events, curriculum and mentoring support to high school students across the globe, empowering students to create inventions and business startups. LaunchX Clubs are inserted in high schools across the country. LaunchX also runs summer camps at campuses like MIT.

White Labeling BizzyB

While BizzyB does not anticipate creating white labels in the future, the opportunity to test the system with LaunchX presented an exciting  development opportunity. LaunchX’s needs were for a simplified version of BizzyB’s core team innovation journaling process coupled with remote mentorship and group management functionality. Features not included were digital portfolios, soft skills assessments, curriculum, contests, authoring and teacher training.

Next Steps

Learnings from this test is now iteration of BizzyB beta. Once this beta is launch, the LaunchX white label will be retired. LaunchX and other innovation programs will be able to enjoy a new and improved BizzyB.