We’re buzzing with excitement as we launch this Coming Soon website for BizzyB.com, our cloud-based youth entrepreneurship platform.

Yes, We’ve Been Bizzy!

While this is our first public coming out party, our gang has been hard at work for several months buzzing about with shaping the concept, getting numerous rounds of feedback, securing funding, activating design and technical teams, crafting content and exploring first-round strategic partner relationships.

Pictured at right, BizzyB drones Steve Sue, Brian Dote and Mark Loughridge hard at work fueled by BizBuzz Coffee, the drink of entrepreneurs!

Startup Swarm in Honolulu

Speaking of strategic partners, we’re excited to host MIT’s entrepreneurship and creative-thinking crew Laurie, Marvin and Tom. They trekked all the way from the East Coast, sacrificing their time in the snow, to explore the opportunities and kick our hive’s tires… weird mixed metaphor, but heck, hives do kind of look like stacked tires… 🙂 Add to this all the super-smart minds at Punahou School like Doug Kiang and Chloe Loughridge, and we’re sure to squeeze some sweet honey out of this week’s startup swarm.

Big Ideas Welcome

We’re super open to new ideas and applications for BizzyB so please feel free to contact us »