Online Collaborative Innovation

An Innovation Community

Connecting students, lifelong learners, educators, mentors & employers into an innovation workspace

Team Journaling

Evolve the 5 Themes of Innovation through your team’s Concept Bank. Features include leadership roles, comment channels, feedback surveys and more.

Templates Library

Empower your team with project template resources including Lessons, instructions, tips and examples. A generic template is available for unique concepts.

Foundational Content

Access STEM and other foundational resources on an as-needed basis via two sections entitled Lessons and Factoids that support BizzyB projects.

Remote Mentoring

Add mentors to your team through built-in comment channels that empower collaboration from anywhere, anytime.

Contests & Hacks

Companies, schools and organizations are invited to post contests, hackathons and other challenges in the BizzyB Library.

Curriculum Authoring

Use non-technical forms to create Project Templates and Lessons for distribution through the BizzyB Library.

Pitch Decks

Create a custom slideshow that  automatically updates as your BizzyB project concept evolves.

Business Plans

Create a custom business plan that  automatically updates as your BizzyB project concept evolves.

Personal Insight

Gain personal insight via the VIBE® Creative Aspiration System. Discover your Visionary, Inventor, Builder or Explorer archetype.

Compare the Power of BizzyB

To meet the needs of online innovators, BizzyB combines features from several types of platforms: 

Digital Curriculum X x x x
Curriculum Syllabi X x x
Curriculum Aligned CCSS X x
Scaffolded Tips & Examples X x x
Curriculum Training X x
Curriculum Authoring X x x x
Curriculum Revenue Share X
Groups Management X x x
Multi-User Collaboration X x x
Innovation Scaffolding X x
Virtual Commenting X
Virtual Mentoring X
Mentor Certification X x
Idea Credits X x
Feedback Surveys X
Project Management Tools X
Leadership & Team-Building X
Digital Contests X x x
Soft Skill Assessments X x
Aspiration Assessments X
Project Impact Reports X
Pitch Deck X
Business Plan X
Digital Portfolios X