Feature Blocks

BizzyB’s BEE-utiful Blend


Lesson-Based Learning

Create STEM and other knowledge mastery courses, lessons, syllabi and quizzes. Author from anywhere, anytime, free of charge.

Project-Based Learning

Create hands-on collaborative team journaling templates featuring customized tips & examples, leadership roles & mentor features.

Contest-Based Learning

Create and manage a contest with sponsors, awards, judges, judging rules & rubric, mentors, pitch decks and showcase.


Create and manage classes, clubs and other groups. Features include member & team management, events calendar and sponsors. 

Portfolios & Badging

All users enjoy free digital portfolios including aggregated project impacts, project summaries, achievements and mastery badges.

Skill Assessments

Lesson quizzes define content mastery while pre- and post-project surveys measure soft skills and creative aspirations.

Teacher Training

Manage teacher training for your BizzyB curriculum including instructions, requirements and submission uploads.


BizzyB Has It All

Features BIZZYB.COM PLAYSPACE SITES (Scratch) RECIPE SITES (Instructables) LESSON SITES (GoogleClass)
Groups Management X x
Lesson Plans & Syllabi X x x x
Quizzes & Scoring X x
Standards Alignment X
Curriculum Training X
Groups Management X x x
Project Journaling X x
Journal Tips Authoring X
Leadership Development X
Idea Credits X
Feedback Surveys X x
Mentor Certification X
Virtual Mentoring X x
Comment Channels X x x x
Digital Contests X x x
Soft Skill Assessments X
Aspiration Assessments X
Aggregated Impact Reports X
Pitch Deck X
Business Plan X
Digital Portfolios X


Frequently Asked Questions

What learning styles are used?

BizzyB supports lesson-based, project-based and contest-based learning systems. Learning types can be blended by creating courses that combine lessons with hand-on projects and/or with challenges like hackathons.

Synchronous or asynchronous?

Both. BizzyB allows for synchronous and asynchronous implementation in the same curriculum model. For example, lesson date and deadlines may be scheduled via a syllabus for synchronous implementation followed by a hands-on asynchronous project-based experience that allows for students to direct their own activities.

How is leadership taught?

BizzyB features a 5-theme concept development journal (Idea, Invention, Story, Users, Goals). Team members are assigned as theme leaders, mirroring traditional company leadership positions (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Selling Officer, Chief Financial Officer). Project leaders facilitate brainstorming, send feedback surveys and assign idea credits.

How does mentoring work?

Mentors may be invited to join user groups or project teams to gain viewing and commenting rights to project content. Mentors many comment from anywhere, anytime. They may also receive feedback surveys generated by topic leaders. All mentor comments are held in queues for review when appropriate to team brainstorming flow.

How are groups managed?

Anyone, including students, may create and manage groups at BizzyB. Groups can be nested as sub-groups of other groups such as a class of club being a sub-group of a school. Group managers may invite, manage and moderate individual users as well as project teams.

Who can author curriculum?

Anyone, including students, may create lessons, quizzes and project journal templates (including custom instructions, tips and examples). Lesson and project templates must pass administrator review prior to going live at BizzyB. Authors may edit curriculum after publication. Authors may also sequester curriculum access to specific groups.

How do contests work?

Anyone, including students, may produce and manage contests at BizzyB. Contest managers may create awards, prizes, sponsors, judges, rules & rubric, manage participants, run showcases and more. An automated leaderboard posts results to Library. Contests may be run entirely virtually online or live as assembly events.

How are soft skills assessed?

Group managers have the option to activate a variety of assessment standards (VIBE® Creative Skills Aspirations, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Skills (“EIS”), Creativity, Critical-Thinking, Collaboration, Communication (“4Cs”), Social Emotional Learning (“SEL”), Mastery Transcript Consortium (“MTC”) and SnapShot) that use pre- and post-intervention surveys to assess soft skills. Assessments are reported to individual students via their digital portfolios.

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Free accounts include abridged Fab Five™ digital portfolio & assessments. Educators, Mentors, Judges & Parents are all free.

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Includes Free Member features plus project template journaling, reports, feedback surveys & mentor commenting. See Plans for more information.

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