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How It Works

Tools for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Success

FREE User Accounts

Free student account includes personal dashboard and student portfolio. Youth leader, parent, mentor and donor free account can create groups and buy/gift tokens. FREE Sign Up »

Project Tokens

BizzyB monthly subscription for in-progress projects is charged on a per student basis. Anyone can buy and gift tokens. Bulk Pricing »

Project Library

BizzyB features a library of student innovation and entrepreneurship projects.  Students, grades 3-12, do projects as individuals or in teams. Projects culminate in launch-ready short-term businesses. Projects are accessible on a monthly subscription basis.

Class & Club Groups

Youth leaders can create groups like classes or clubs. Group leaders can pre-assign team members and mentors.

Leadership Roles

Team members assume leadership roles to explore careeer pathways. Team leaders may customize role edit/access rights.

"Design Thinking" Activities

Key innovation topics are tackled via activities complete with instructions, tips & examples. All Activities include embedded “design thinking” and “lean startup” methodology. ✓ Built-In design thinking & lean startup methodology. ✓ Built-in instructions, tips, examples & inspirational quotes. ✓ Message teammates within the platform.

Remote Mentorship System

Mentors may comment and rate work from, anywhere, anytime. Includes a mentor training and certification system. ✓ Mentors comment & rate remotely via the system. ✓ Built-In mentor certification & training system. ✓ Students may become mentors following project completion. ✓ Network with mentors to gain future internships and jobs.

Pitch & Marketing Templates

A myriad of reports and templates are generated for management, marketing and sales team members. ✓ Funding Pitch Slideshow ✓ Sales Pitch Script ✓ Business Plan ✓ Marketing templates

Student Portfolios

Students take command of their own learning by monitoring their own Student Dashboard. ✓ Build your own personal profile. ✓ Monitor messages, task status & insight graphics. ✓ Receive notifications & monitor token balance.

21st Century Soft Skills Assessment

Mastery reports and personal project portfolios coming soon! ✓ Cultivate essential 21st Century Soft Skills. ✓ Track topic mastery and soft skills development. ✓ Receive evaluation reports in any soft skills standard.


Enter BizzyB Projects in Competitions to Win Awards & Prizes! ✓ tune in for new competitions. ✓Group Leaders are welcome to add competitions.