Science News Editor


BA degree or equivalent experience required; advanced degree in science and/or journalism preferred.

Professional Organization

Council of Science Editors (CSE)

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Honesty, integrity, discretion, and good judgment are key characteristics for science editors. Their roles include: working with writers and freelancers to effectively cover science news stories; keeping up to date with current scientific advancements; editing articles for content, style, and grammar; and keeping writers on track with deadlines for their magazines, newspapers, and journals.

Innovation in this Career

Science News Editors are innovators because they get the word out about important science news to the world. They develop new and faster methods of spreading knowledge to society. They serve as a link between scientists and lay-people, so they must be able to take complicated scientific ideas and break them down into understandable pieces for the non-scientist. This speeds up innovation by allowing people to understand the science behind the innovation and quickly become interested in its uses.