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Projects with Lessons

“Hands-on” project-based learning works best when prefaced with some level of traditional common core, STEM and other knowledge mastery lesson-based curriculum. This blended learning style also serves to accommodate both synchronous and asynchronous learning, thus also making it ideal for blended virtual and classroom-based experiences.

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Contests with Lessons

Hackathons, science fairs, business plan competitions and other contest-based learning also work best when prefaced with some level of traditional common core, STEM and other knowledge mastery lesson-based curriculum. Through BizzyB, this blended learning style serves well in both in-person events and online virtual events.

Case Studies:

Innovation & Mentorship

Incubator, accelerator and business support groups can use BizzyB project journaling as a strong backbone system to combine concept development, leadership development, lesson-based learning and mentorship.

Case Study: HaccUp Accelerator,

HaccUp at BizzyB


Frequently Asked Questions

What is blended learning?

Blended learning means the combination of different learning styles and/or the combination of virtual and in-class program delivery. BizzyB supports three major learning paradigms (lesson-based, project-based and challenge-based) as well as combinations of remote and classroom learning.

How teach remote & class?

The key to blending remote and in-class learning experiences is developing curriculum that work both with and without an instructor present. BizzyB is designed with this in mind as well as curriculum that allows for both synchronous and asynchronous implementation.

How do hackathons work?

BizzyB project journal is designed for projects to be submitted to in-app contests, including multi-user team member management, mentorship features, judging and showcase features. Lessons may be custom authored or existing lessons attached to a contest including entered on contest calendar for reviews and/or deadline submissions.

Can I control access?

Yes. Authors of lessons and project templates have the option to sequester access to specific BizzyB groups. For example, an author desiring to market a summer camp can create curriculum and sequester use of it to a single camp group. This allows for the author to charge a separate camp registration fee.

Can adults pay for students?

Yes. Anyone with a credit card can open a free account to pay for student user upgrade subscriptions. Group managers can pay for entire groups of users.

Is BizzyB useful to startups?

Yes. BizzyB project journaling is an ideal backbone system for incubators, accelerators and business help organizations to create and evolve startup business models. Journals may be edited by multiple team members and mentors may view and comment at no cost.

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