STUDENTS: Invent with friends while learning creativity, entrepreneurship & leadership skills.

Collaborate on innovation projects with team members and mentors while learning 21st Century leadership, design-thinking, creativity, critical-thinking, collaboration, communication & digital skills. Anyone over 13 years old is invited to use BizzyB.

Quick Start Guide

1-minute & 3-steps to signup, free! 


1. Click "Join FREE!"

Complete the sign up form with your name, email and choice of password.

2. Activate Via Email

Find the BizzyB welcome message and click the “Activate” button.

3. Login at BizzyB

Login using your email & password to land on Projects Dashboard.

Once you’re a member, choose a place to start.


Join a Group

Groups are classes, clubs and other sets of users. Select a group from the Library via the “Library” top bar tab. Complete the form to submit a request.


Join a Team

Request to join an existing project team via the “Join Project” button on your Projects Dashboard accessed through the “Features” top bar tab and select “Projects” from the dropdown.


Start a Project

Select a project template from the Library. Access the Library via the “Library” top bar tab or via the light blue “Add Project” button on your Projects Dashboard.


Enter a Contest

Select a contest from the Library. Access the Library via the “Library” top bar tab. Complete the entry form to register a project for a contest.

How BizzyB Works

BizzyB is a project invention system that empowers collaboration among team members and mentors. 


Join your school, class, club, home school, camp or other group.

Group-Paid Members

Calendar Events




Learn core knowledge like STEM & acquire skills through exercises.

Content & Quizzes




Create a team to invent with BizzyB’s Fab Five™ Journaling. 

Templates Library

Teams & Mentors

Presentation Tools


Enter BizzyB projects in problem-solving challenges.

Awards & Prizes

Online Showcase

Leaderboard & Impacts

The Invention Space

BizzyB® Print Version

Ready to invent? Download this free print version of the BizzyB® Fab Five™ Concept Canvas for a scratchpad version of BizzyB. It’s a great way to start a new invention project. Once you’ve come up with some big ideas, transfer them to the online version to refine them further and enjoy multi-user collaboration with team members and mentors. Includes instructions, topic definitions and canvases for Fab Five sub-topic exploration.

BizzyB Fab Five Innovation Concept Canvas

BizzyB® Digital Version

Knowledge Mastery & Micro-Badges

BizzyB offers a library of STEM, innovation, entrepreneurship and other knowledge mastery lessons. Your teachers may assign lessons by deadline or you can use lessons as reference materials to support your invention process.

Lessons include mastery content, step-by-step exercises and assignment uploads. Upon successful completion of a lesson, you’ll be awarded a micro-badge which will appear in your personal portfolios.

Overachievers can create Lessons on topics that they are expert in. Anyone, including students, can author lessons and share them in the BizzyB Library.

Create a Logo Mastery Lesson at BizzyB Learning Management System

Fab Five™ Project Journal

BizzyB also offers a project-based collaborative online learning system where students and mentors can collaborate together on project journals to create and align the Fab Five™ Essential Themes of Innovation.

A library of project templates offers customized journaling instructions, tips and examples. Anyone, including students, can create custom project templates for publication in the Library.

BizzyB® Fab Five™ Journaling features embedded design-thinking methodology, a live mentoring system, instant team messaging, pitch deck builder and more.

BizzyB Fab Five Innovation Journal

Multiple Dashboards

Access groups, contests, curriculum authoring, and parent dashboards by clicking the top bar “Features” tab.

Helpful Hints

Click on any “?” icon to view instructions, tips, explanations, examples and inspiring quotes.

Leadership Roles

Click the “Team” tab in your project’s navigation bar to invite and manage Fab Five topic leaders.

Completion Status

Topic leaders can click the Flag icon in their respective journal topics to define topic completion status.


Click “Reports” in project navigation to visit Presentation Deck, Business Plan, Team Public Page & Surveys.

Insight Assessments

Activated checkout systems include self-assessment surveys to measure soft skills and aspirations.

Essential Innovation Topics

BizzyB’s collaborative journaling process includes the Fab Five™ essential themes of innovation.

Invite Team & Mentors

Project owners can click the “Team” tab in the project’s navigation bar to invite team members and mentors.

Feedback Surveys

Topic leaders can click on the yellow bar at the bottom of any topic to send feedback survey questions.

Notifications & Messaging

Visit the top bar Bell icon for notifications and the Talk Bubble icon for instant messaging.

Calendar & Deadlines

Visit the top bar Calendar icon to view aggregated meetings and due dates created by group managers.

Digital Portfolio

Visit the top bar “Portfolio” tab to view portfolio, assessments and request recommendations.


Click on “Lessons” in project navigation to access learning lessons. Set syllabi or provide lessons as a resource.

Comment Channels

Click the message bubble in any journal section to comment with team members and mentors.

Idea Credits

Topic leaders can click “Idea Credits” in any topic to recognize ideas contributed by team members.

Set & Track Goals

Click “Goals” in journal navigation to see Set Goals bars. Click “Progress” in project navigation to log results.

Checkout System

Group managers can activate a checkout system for journal topics and project completion exit surveys.

Settings & Privacy

Project owners can visit “Settings” to update project descriptions, group association and privacy options.

More Fabulous Free Features

All users, including students, can create contests, curriculum and groups, FREE!

Contest Management

Students can create and manage project contests.


Curriculum Authoring

Students can create lessons and project templates.

Groups Management

Students can create groups like classes or clubs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What age is BizzyB for?

BizzyB is designed for students ages 13 and up. At some point in the near future, provisions will be put in place to allow for safe use by children under 13. For now, please do not allow students under 13 years of age to use BizzyB.

What parental controls exist at BizzyB?

Students and their respective parents connect accounts at BizzyB so that parents have viewing rights over their children’s content. Parents also have control to hide their respective children from public view.

What’s free and what’s pay?

Free accounts include a personal digital portfolio and access to experience and abridged version of BizzyB’s Fab Five™ innovation journaling. Upgrade to Premium for full journaling features. All other features are free including groups, contests, mentoring, authoring, personal portfolio & assessments.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes. Annual subscription discounts are available for individual users. Additionally, bulk subscription discounts are available for orders of at least 500 user month purchases.

Can I downgrade my account to free?

Yes. Students may downgrade accounts at anytime to end monthly payments. Following downgrade, the current monthly term will continue until the end of the monthly term.

What happens if I downgrade my account?

Downgraded accounts revert to free mode where user retains access to digital portfolio and soft skill assessment reports. Lessons and projects in process will be frozen but may be re-activated upon renewal of subscription.

FREE Membership

Free accounts include abridged Fab Five™ digital portfolio & assessments. Educators, Mentors, Judges & Parents are all free.

Premium Membership

Includes Free Member features plus project template journaling, reports, feedback surveys & mentor commenting. See Plans for more information.

Students, Educators, Mentors

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