Billion Trees of Aloha

Billion Trees of Aloha

Billion Trees of Aloha

In this adventure, you’ll create a tree planting program to reduce the global carbon footprint. Do your adventure anywhere, anytime, then log results at BizzyB to be counted in All-Team Impacts and become eligible for Awards & Prizes!

“Design Thinking” Activities

This adventure includes the following hands-on Design Thinking activities:

  • Team-Building
  • Leadership Training
  • Product Invention
  • Packaging Design
  • Social Impact Goals
  • Pitch Writing

BizzyB Challenges

This adventure is suitable for the following challenges:

  • BizzyB Lemonade Alley for Earth Day
  • BizzyB MOE, Month of Entrepreneurship

For Students Grades 3-12

Students, grades 3-12 may self-pace through this system or work at a teacher’s direction. Younger students, grades K-2 may participate with the help of adult mentors.

Teaching System

BizzyB adventures are delivers via online software and companion print workbooks. Teachers Guides, Common Core Alignment and Hackathon worksheets are also available. As a project-based learning system, BizzyB features the latest in Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and 21st Century Soft Skills training & assessment. BizzyB is designed to be flexible to non-linear use (self-paced) as well as useful as sequential curriculum.