Become a BEEvangelist! Spread the Word About BizzyB’s Project-Based Learning

The biggest buzz in education right now is project-based learning. That’s because it’s easy to acquire knowledge in the Information Age – a quick online search does the trick – it’s how students use knowledge that counts. BizzyB, a project-based learning and mobile mentoring platform, is at the forefront of this education revolution. And you can spread the word by becoming a BEEvangelist.

What BEEvangelists Know & Maybe You Don’t

Here are five things to keep in mind about BizzyB:

• BEEvangelists know that the nonprofit Bizgenics Foundation is readying BizzyB for an alpha launch in January 2018 and a beta launch end of February 2018.

• BEEvangelists know that BizzyB uses project-based learning to cultivate 21st Century “soft skills” such as leadership, communication and problem solving. The importance of these skills is chronicled in “Most Likely to Succeed,” an acclaimed documentary contrasting the shortcomings of traditional classroom instruction with the exciting potential of hands-on learning experiences.

• BEEvangelists know that BizzyB objectively measures the development of soft skills in individuals and teams. Using this empirical data, principals and teachers will adjust their curricula to enhance student achievement and simplify the school accreditation process.

• BEEvangelists know that BizzyB features an online business adventure library containing practical, real-life entrepreneurial projects. Want to build a lemonade stand, stage a show or sell arts and crafts? BizzyB shows how it’s done, step by step.

• BEEvangelists know that mentors will provide expert advice to student teams anytime, anywhere via smartphone apps and other mobile devices. Does a proposed company name sound like a winner? Mentors will let you know.

Ready to become a BEEvangelist and join our happy hive? Take this simple pledge:

– I pledge to follow BizzyB via social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) and/or BEEvangelist newsletters.
– I pledge to share BizzyB initiatives through social media, my organization and colleagues.
– I pledge to support our youth by letting educators know about BizzyB.

Buzz us and let us know if you want to become a BEEvangelist. Let’s move forward to help our youth succeed, contact us.