BizzyB for Internships

Companies and organizations can use BizzyB as a platform to conduct internship, apprenticeship and other special programs. BizzyB offers a myriad of features that empower comprehensive and holistic ideation. BizzyB helps cure inventors “not knowing what they don’t know” as well as creating engaging digital presentations including slide decks and business plans.

Cohort Groups

Administrators can create and manage cohorts and members at large.

Project Templates & Lessons

Individuals or teams create projects considering the 5 Themes of Innovation via an online Project Journal. Optional topic mastery Lessons are available.

Leadership Training

BizzyB’s 5 Themes of Innovation offer natural leadership training and team-building through “C Suite” team member roles (CEO, CTO, CMO, CSO and CFO) that parallel the 5 Themes.

Business Competitions

Teams can enter Projects into online BizzyB Contests to win Awards and Prizes. Such contests can take the form of business plan competitions or hackathon contests.

Features for Internships

  • Groups: create and manage cohort members including concept development deadlines.
  • Project Templates: teams log concepts via online Project Journal that features 5 Themes of Innovation, leadership roles, instructions, tips, examples, quotes, factoids, recommended Lessons, feedback surveys, comment channels, idea credits, reports (slide deck and business plan).
  • Lessons: optional “how-to” mastery content and exercises are recommended by Project Templates.
  • Virtual Mentors: mentors are invited to work with teams via remote journal review and sidebar commenting. Prior to gaining comment rights to topic areas, mentors must pass a certification test for each of the 5 Themes of Innovation.
  • Contests: submit completed projects to online challenge events like business plan competitions and hackathons. Contest features include rules, awards/prizes, sponsors, judges and results leaderboard.
  • Contest Producing: anyone, can produce and manage a Contest. 
  • Curriculum Authoring: anyone can author curriculum (Templates and Lessons). Template authorship includes a 20% revenue share (payable in system Tokens) of respective subscription fees attributed to a user’s Template authorship.
  • Teacher Training: authors can define training certification requirements and trainees can submit training work.
  • User Portfolio: all user accounts include a free digital portfolio.
  • User Assessments: all user accounts include free Soft Skill assessments.
  • Tokens: all users are able to purchase tokens, ask other users for tokens and transfer tokens to other users.

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