BizzyB for Influencers

Curriculum authors like teachers, students and YouTubers can use BizzyB as a publication platform to share “How-To” content. BizzyB’s project journaling of 5 Themes of Innovation offer an idea structure to add instructional content in the form of text, images and videos.

YouTube & Influencer Channels

All videos in BizzyB are hosted in public services like YouTube and Vimeo. Influencers are therefore encouraged to build personal channels on such services and embed video content to BizzyB. This means BizzyB viewers may be referred out to your personal influencer sites.

BizzyB Embed Locations

BizzyB has a number of locations that accept video embeds including:

  • Project Descriptions: introduction and instruction areas.
  • Factoids: a section within Project Templates that presents foundational reference knowledge.
  • Lessons: how-to exercises that are attached to Project Templates.

Features for Influencers

  • Groups: create and manage a club to feature your influencer content.
  • Embed Locations: influencer content including text, images and videos can be added to BizzyB Project Templates and Lessons.
  • Contests: submit completed projects to online challenge events. Contest features include rules, awards/prizes, sponsors, judges and results leaderboard.
  • Contest Producing: produce and manage a Contest to create engagement.
  • Curriculum Authoring: anyone can author curriculum (Templates and Lessons). Template authorship includes a 20% revenue share (payable in system Tokens) of respective subscription fees attributed to a user’s Template authorship.
  • Teacher Training: authors can define training certification requirements and trainees can submit training work.
  • User Portfolio: all user accounts include a free digital portfolio.
  • Tokens: all users are able to purchase tokens, ask other users for tokens and transfer tokens to other users.

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