How BizzyB Works

Buzz Through Our Platform Features

Project Adventure Library

Students choose projects from a library of self-guiding innovation & entrepreneurship projects.

✓ Engage in hands-on brainstorming

✓ Choose from a variety of student adventures

✓ Innovate as a team or individually

✓ Create a business from concept to launch

✓ Adventures by monthly fee, get Gift Tokens »

Essential Topics Brainstorming

Key innovation topics are tackled via activities complete with instructions, tips & examples.

✓ Choose leadership roles

✓ Govern specific leadership role tasks

✓ Collaborate to accomplish project milestones

✓ Edit concurrently with multiple users

✓ Message teammates within the platform

Remote Mentors

Teams may invite or be assigned expert mentors who comment and rate student project content.

✓ Communicate with mentors via the app

✓ Access tips, examples and inspirational quotes

✓ Get mentor comments & ratings feedback

✓ Network to gain future internships and jobs

Templates & Reports

Business plan, sales pitch and marketing templates are generated for student projects.

✓ Monitor student adventure progress

✓ Assess student skills development

✓ Evaluate student outcomes

✓ Receive reports based on student results

✓ Send students reports directly to their account


Student Dashboards

User view insight reports, completion status and upcoming events on personalized dashboards.

✓ Students take command of their own learning

✓ Build your own business profile

✓ Monitor messages & tasks via dashboard

✓ Receive notifications & project reports

✓ Monitor your token balance

Skills & Mastery Assessment

Students build mastery certifications and personal project portfolios.

✓ Cultivate essential 21st Century Soft Skills

✓ Prepare for modern workforce success

✓ Track skills development from start to finish

✓ Receive soft skills evaluation reports

✓ Get soft skills reports in any standard

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