How BizzyB Works

Collaborative Innovation Platform

A Concept Bank for Innovation

Empower your team to consider the 5 Essential Themes of Innovation


Problem/solution approach, market timing and future vision.


Create MVP (Minimum Viable Product), process, and supply reqs.


Design a brand, name, logo, marketing strategy and promotions.


Define users, use cases, purchase influencers and sales environments.


Measure outcomes affecting people, planet and profits.

Swarm Your Journal

Log and evolve ideas in your team’s project journal

Journal Features

  • Multi-User Collaboration: Unlimited team members and mentors can collaborate in a project journal.
  • Leadership Roles: Set leadership roles for each 5 Themes of Innovation topic including multiple co-leaders.
  • Deadlines Calendar: Group leaders can set syllabus deadlines.
  • Factoids: STEM and foundational topics presented in an easy to skim format.
  • Project Templates: Templates include contextualized resources, instructions, tips and examples. A Generic Template is included in Templates Library for unique projects.
  • Soft Skill Surveys: Before and after surveys measure users’ personal soft skill mastery and aspiration.
  • Project Overview: A dashboard that shows project completion status.
  • Leader Instructions: Facilitation directions on how to guide team brainstorming for a specific topic.
  • Tips & Examples: Contextualized tips, examples and insight quotes to inspire superior brainstorming.
  • Content Rollbacks: Historical project content that can be restored at anytime.
  • Feedback Surveys: A built-in surveying system empowers users to send pre-existing surveys and/or create new surveys.
  • Comment Sidebars: Comment channels for each Journal topic empowering teams and mentors to share ideas on a remote basis.
  • Remote Mentoring: Mentors who pass topic certification tests are badged and granted comment rights to respective comment channels.
  • Idea Credits: Leaders of topics are able to assign credit for project idea contributions to single or multiple team members. Idea Credits are aggregated and shown on Users’ Personal Dashboards.
  • Goal Setting: Milestone goals and progress tracking are embedded to section 5. Goals.
  • Progress Tracking: Teams can track milestone progress on a reporting dashboard.
  • Pitch & B-Plan Reports: BizzyB generates presentation reports from project journal content.
  • Project Settings: Team owners can update team descriptions, social connects and public access to project reports.

Project Outcomes

Contest Entries

BizzyB Projects can be entered into contests through the BizzyB Library.

Pitches & Plans

BizzyB Journals generate Pitch Decks and Business Plan Reports.

Digital Portfolio

As part of free membership, every User enjoys a free project portfolio.

Soft Skill Insight

Every user gets free personal insight including VIBE® Creative Aspiration Profile.

And there’s more…

Groups Management

Create and manage schools, classes, clubs and other innovation units.

Soft Skill Assessments

Select Soft Skill measurement systems for your group.

Contest Production

Create, manage and promote hacks, b-plan competitions and more at BizzyB.

Curriculum Authoring

Publish “how-to” Lessons and Project Templates. Templates enjoy a 20% rev share.

Teacher Training

Create rules and requirements to monitor and certify teacher training.