How BizzyB Works

BizzyB is a collaborative Concept Canvas that features 5 essential themes of an innovation project. Download a free print version or use the enhanced online version.

Class & Club Challenges

Whether in-school, after-school or out-of-school, BizzyB is a perfect platform for curriculum and allows students to create their own. See Schools »

Hackathons & Science Fairs

Challenge students to collaborate and compete on PBL and STEM projects with remote mentors. See Hackathons »


Business Plan Competitions

Empower teams with a collaborative workspace, remote mentors & professional pitch and proposal development tools. See Business Plan Competitions »

Seamless Transition from In-Class to Virtual Learning

BizzyB is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of alternating between in-class and virtual environments. Because it is an online “software as a service” platform, it can be used both in the classroom and at home seamlessly. Read more.

BizzyB is also designed for 100% access on mobile devices. Studies show that for even the most challenged demographics, at least 93% of students have access to smart phones. Desktop access can dip as low as 40%.

FREE Members

Includes free account, Personal Portfolio and Personal Soft Skills Assessments. Teachers, mentors, contest producers & authors are free.

Premium Members

Upgrade features include expanded Project Templates. Reports. Feedback Surveys and more. See All Features >>

Students, Teachers & Mentors

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