HIDoE Training PD184957, Spring 2020

COURSE TITLE: Utilize Digital Project-Based Learning System BizzyB.com to Engage Learners (Live & Online)

Session Agenda

BizzyB Primer

The main reference document for the course ~ you can print and write in it or simply follow along during class and refer to it later on an as-needed basis. 44 pages. 1.1MB Download PDF »

Portfolio Template

Feel free to copy Erin’s G-Doc at Learning Portfolio Template » 

HIDoE Readers

Submissions are on a password-protected page. For access, Contact Us »

Kickoff Session

8:30am-3:30pm, 1/3/2020, Leeward Community College’s Education Building, Lower Level, Room 111, O’ahu or online at https://zoom.us/j/807843652


Access to computer and Internet.

Learning Portfolio Requirements

Learning Portfolio documents MUST be captioned. Captions transform documents into evidence and assist teachers in articulating their thoughts. A caption describes: What the document is; Why it is evidence; What it is evidence of. Required content:

  • Unit Plan: At least one (1) Unit Plan (overall teaching protocol),
  • 3 Lesson Plans: A minimum of three (3) Lesson Plans. Choose from free features including create Template, Lesson or Contest. Also can choose to execute a pay Project (you will be provided 5 Project Tokens as part of this training session fee).
  • 3 Student Work Samples per Lesson Plan: A minimum of three (3) Student Work Samples per Plan.