How BizzyB Works

The Makings of Sweet Success

Key Features of the BizzyB System

Youth Entrepreneur Adventure Library

BizzyB starts with a library of student business adventures. Students, grades K-12 select adventures as individuals or in teams. Each team engages hands-on activities, which culminates into a launch-ready business. Adventures are accessible on a membership basis through a monthly token system, Get Gift Tokens »

Hands-On "Design Thinking" Activities

Team members must learn to fulfill role specific tasks based on their chosen leadership position and work together to accomplish project milestones. Mastering multiple user-editing features will help teams accomplish tasks smarter and faster.

Expert Support Via Remote Mentors

Receive exclusive access to industry experts anywhere, at anytime. Mentors are ready to provide big ideas and insider tips to assist teams with their business adventures.

Awesome Templates & Reports

Teachers may assess each students development of entrepreneurial skills, soft skills and the progress of their Adventure. BizzyB also generates evaluation reports based on student outcomes.

Student Dashboards

Each student can take command of their own learning and monitor their progress by accessing their Student Dashboard. Dashboards allow students to create a self-profile, view aventures in progress, verify their leadership role, track various development reports and monitor the amount of tokens left in their account.

21st Century Soft Skills Assessment

BizzyB cultivates essential 21st Century Soft Skills to prepare students for success in the modern workforce. To account for various soft skills sets adopted by schools, BizzyB has developed a conversion model, allowing teachers to assess student development of soft skills across various sets.

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