BizzyB for Education

BizzyB is a first-of-its-kind whole-child approach to education (for ages 13 and up) that combines STEM learning and Soft Skills training into a project-based learning, innovation & entrepreneurship platform. 

An Innovation Community

As an online community, BizzyB connects students, parents, educators, curriculum authors, contest producers, education institutions and employers to create a new paradigm that integrates education, life skill training and workforce development.

“Concept Bank” Journaling

BizzyB is designed to engage students to create innovation projects that solve problems with real solutions. This is accomplished by coupling a Challenges Library that sets forth innovation parameters and motivations like prizes, with a student journaling and portfolio system.

At the heart of BizzyB is a journaling system that disciplines the development of essential themes of invention and entrepreneurship to yield strong and comprehensive innovation concepts. Through this process, students learn relevant STEM topics and professional writing skills while learning team and management skills as they create hands-on innovation and entrepreneurial projects. Additional features such as skills assessment, mentoring and challenge authoring are built around this core.

Embedded STEM

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) content is embedded in multiple locations within Project Templates:

  • Factoids: a section within Project Templates that presents foundational reference knowledge in an engaging and easy to skim format.
  • Lessons: how-to exercises that are attached to Project Templates.

Embedded Soft Skills

BizzyB’s 5 Themes of Innovation deliver employer-demanded soft skills including leadership role-playing and team-building. This is accomplished through “C Suite” team member roles (CEO, CTO, CMO, CSO and CFO) that parallel the 5 Themes of Innovation. Through this process, students facilitate concept brainstorming thereby practicing 4Cs Soft Skills (Creativity, Critical-Thinking, Collaboration and Communication).

Engagement via Contests

Student teams can enter projects to online BizzyB Contests to win Awards and Prizes.

Student Privacy

BizzyB conforms to student identity FERPA and COPPA laws. See Privacy Policy »

Common Core Alignment

BizzyB accommodates curriculums that are aligned with educational standards.

Soft Skill Assessments

BizzyB includes creative skill assessments to aide team-building, self-improvement curriculum and career planning including:

  • VIBE® Creativity Skills & Aspirations: measures 12 creative cycle skills both existing and aspired to generate a user’s personal creative skill profile. Each user is assigned a primary creative archetype of Visionary, Inventor, Builder or Explorer, hence the “VIBE” acronym.
  • EIS™ Entrepreneurship & Innovation Skills: measures skills related to 5 essential themes of innovation.
  • 4Cs, SEL, MTC, SnapShot: measure existing “Soft Skill” dimensions favored by the education industry.

Assessments are currently derived through pre- and post-intervention self-evaluation surveys. Next-phase measurements will utilize user behavior from activity within BizzyB Concept Bank to create user insights and evaluation.


Features for Education

  • Groups: create and manage classes and clubs including creating a custom syllabi of Project and Lesson deadlines.
  • Project Templates: teams log concepts via online Project Journal that features 5 Themes of Innovation, leadership roles, instructions, tips, examples, quotes, factoids, recommended Lessons, feedback surveys, comment channels, idea credits, reports (slide deck and business plan).
  • Lessons: optional “how-to” mastery content and exercises are recommended by Project Templates.
  • Virtual Mentors: mentors are invited to work with teams via remote journal review and sidebar commenting. Prior to gaining comment rights to topic areas, mentors must pass a certification test for each of the 5 Themes of Innovation.
  • Parent Controls: guardians are associated with respective students in order to have making control of student identities.
  • Contests: submit completed projects to online challenge events. Contest features include rules, awards/prizes, sponsors, judges and results leaderboard.
  • Contest Producing: anyone, including students, can produce and manage a Contest.
  • Curriculum Authoring: anyone, including students, can author curriculum (Templates and Lessons). Template authorship includes a 20% revenue share (payable in system Tokens) of respective subscription fees attributed to a user’s Template authorship.
  • Teacher Training: authors can define training certification requirements and trainees can submit training work.
  • Student Portfolio: all user accounts include a free digital portfolio.
  • Student Assessments: all user accounts include free Soft Skill assessments.
  • Tokens: all users are able to purchase tokens, ask other users for tokens and transfer tokens to other users.

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