BizzyB for Contests

Anyone can add a contest to BizzyB including schools, organizations, incubators and business help centers. Managing contests in BizzyB disciplines consideration and judging of the 5 Themes of Innovation to help cure inventors and entrepreneurs from “not knowing what they don’t know” as well as creating engaging digital presentations including slide decks and business plans.

Deadlines & Rules

Administrators can set and publish contest deadlines, requirements and rules.

Contest Groups

Administrators can manage contest groups including sequestering entry to and visibility of contests to specific groups. 

5 Themes of Innovation

Contest teams collaborate are encouraged to create presentations that include the 5 Themes of Innovation to create submissions. Includes virtual mentoring features. Optional topic mastery Lessons are included.

Judging & Awards

Judges, judging rubric, awards and prizes can all be listed within a Contest.


Sponsors can be recognized in Contests via logo and description placements. Sponsor features include specifying sponsor levels. 

Features for Contests

  • Groups: create, manage and sequester specific groups to contests.
  • Project Templates: teams log concepts via online Project Journal that features 5 Themes of Innovation, leadership roles, instructions, tips, examples, quotes, factoids, recommended Lessons, feedback surveys, comment channels, idea credits, reports (slide deck and business plan).
  • Lessons: optional “how-to” mastery content and exercises are recommended by Project Templates.
  • Virtual Mentors: mentors are invited to work with teams via remote journal review and sidebar commenting. Prior to gaining comment rights to topic areas, mentors must pass a certification test for each of the 5 Themes of Innovation.
  • Contests: submit completed projects to online challenge events like business plan competitions and hackathons. Contest features include rules, awards/prizes, sponsors, judges and results leaderboard.
  • Contest Producing: anyone can produce and manage a Contest. 
  • Curriculum Authoring: anyone can author curriculum (Templates and Lessons). Template authorship includes a 20% revenue share (payable in system Tokens) of respective subscription fees attributed to a user’s Template authorship.
  • Teacher Training: authors can define training certification requirements and trainees can submit training work.
  • User Portfolio: all user accounts include a free digital portfolio.
  • User Assessments: all user accounts include free Soft Skill assessments.
  • Tokens: all users are able to purchase tokens, ask other users for tokens and transfer tokens to other users.

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