Honolulu, HI. BizzyB V3 (version 3) was presented as a “Breakathon” at the inaugural iTeach Conference. In the Breakathon, teachers were invited to sign up as students with a goal of doing a simple project-based learning exercise to generate personal digital portfolios and 21st Century life skill assessments. From a total of 600 teachers, 168 teachers participated in the Breakathon. Survey results include:

Bizzyb Breakathon

BizzyB Version Status

BizzyB V3 is the culmination of nearly 3 years of hard work to create a next-gen digital education experience for project-baed learning (“PBL”). Funded by the Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation of Irvine, CA, BizzyB has undergone  a steady stream of design challenges starting with a first your proof of concept followed a test with MIT’s LaunchX Program where BizzyB served 6,000 students and 2,000 mentors in 26 countries. This V# version includes learning from both V1 and V2.

PD & Teacher 20% Rev Share Authoring

BizzyB Breakathon 2019Summer, 2019 will be the first real PD training sessions produced in cooperation with HIDoE. Teachers will be able to take a day-long PD training on the system. Further, both teachers and students will be able to take curriculum authoring sessions this summer. Note that all authors gain a 20% revenue share, payable in the form of transferable BizzyB project tokens.

Global Launch Oct, 2019

BizzyB’s global launch and showcase of teacher-made curriculum will premiere at the Schools of the Future Conference, October 3-4, Honolulu Convention Center.