BizzyB for Startup Programs

An Online Accelerator & Entrepreneurship Platform

Business Backbone

Use BizzyB to drive collaboration with remote mentors, ensure comprehensive concept development and run pitch contests.

Support Design-Thinking

BizzyB empowers the creation of comprehensive market-ready concepts through a design-thinking process that features consideration of 5 Essential Themes Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Empower Collaboration

BizzyB connects team members and mentors to work collaboratively from anywhere, anytime. BizzyB can be used to power both live events or virtual Internet-based events.

Develop Leadership Skills

Team members can assume project leadership roles to cover the 5 Essential Themes of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. BizzyB leadership roles mirror corporate “C-Suite” leadership roles.

Engage With Contests

Create contests and challenges for groups of any size. Contest management features include group management, instructions, rules, rubrics awards, prizes, judges, and more. All contest management features are free.

Optimize Brainstorm Flow

BizzyB is uniquely respectful of both mentor and team member time. This is achieved through a commenting and feedback survey system that holds inquiries and responses for when mentors and team members have time to review and comment.

Develop “Soft Skills”

BizzyB fosters the development and assessment of Soft Skills such as 4C (Creativity, Critical-Thinking, Collaboration & Communication) skills. Options allow activation of a number of pre- and post-survey systems including VIBE, EIS, MTC, SnapShot and 4Cs.

Offer STEM Skills

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) content and skill mastery lessons are built into BizzyB as modular experiences. Look for Lessons in the BizzyB system that are a subset of Project Templates. You may create custom Templates and Lessons. Template and Lesson authoring are free features. 

Combine STEM & PBL

Combine STEM (“Science, Technology, Engineering & Math”) with PBL to support multiple learning styles.

Teach Social Ventures

BizzyB teaches the art of social venturing through innovation and entrepreneurial-mindset skill training combined with 3P goal setting (helping PEOPLE in need, sustaining the PLANET and supporting PHILANTHROPIES through profit generation).

Foster SEL Mindfulness

BizzyB journaling, commenting, leadership and 3P social venture goal setting features foster a positive SEL (“Social Emotional Learning”) environment that teaches responsibility, respectfulness, resourcefulness and responsive behaviors.

Provide Equal Access

While no delivery system is perfect, studies show that for even the most challenged demographics, 93-97% of students 13 years and up have access to mobile devices, thus BizzyB features are designed to be 100% accessible via smartphones whether on wireless or cellular connections.

Recruit Candidates

Higher education and employers are encouraged to post contests at BizzyB. Fostering workforce pathway access for students whether post-secondary education, internships and employment positions is a desirable outcome of BizzyB.

How it Works

1. Open a Group

Create acceleration groups like cohorts in the BizzyB Library. You can make your group open to the world or limit participation.

2. Select PBL/STEM Template

Choose from a library of project templates that offer instructions, tips, examples and inspiring quotes. Templates also include modular skill mastery lessons. You can also create custom templates and lessons at no cost.

3. Manage Schedules

Set calendar dates for meetings, deadlines, showcase and other important cohort events.

4. Build Collaboration Teams

Define teams, leadership roles and mentors in preparation for teams to collaborate on Concept Canvas and in Project Journal. Comment channels and feedback surveys empower mentors to offer advice from anywhere, anytime.

5. Implement Live or Online

Conduct live or remote meetings. All BizzyB features including collaboration, pitch development, showcase presentation and awards are designed for 100% access on mobile devices.

6. Hold Pitch or Market Events

Projects can culminate in a variety of live or virtual events including a pitch showcase or market day.

7. Publish Results

Cohort status and progress can be posted on your group page in the BizzyB Library.

Key Features

BizzyB as an Online Accelerator & Entrepreneurship Platform

Concept Canvas

Evolve the 5 Themes of Innovation through your team’s Concept Canvas. Includes leadership roles, comment channels, feedback surveys and more.

Journaling Templates

Empower team collaboration and comprehensive idea coverage with a project journal template that includes instructions, tips, examples and inspiring quotes.

STEM & Skill Lessons

Access STEM and other foundational content on an as-needed basis via Lessons that provide topic content and step-by-step how-to instructions.

Remote Mentoring

Add Mentors to advise teams on a remote basis from anywhere, anytime. BizzyB includes built-in comment channels and feedback surveys.

Contest Management

Host or enter a contest. BizzyB is ideal for class challenges, hackathons, science fairs, business plan competitions, capstone, home school and other innovation projects. 

Class & Club Management

Create a custom syllabus from our Library of modular Lessons that include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) topic content & step-by-step instructions.

Publish Curriculum

Author and share Library Templates and Lessons. You can limit the use of publications to specific groups or allow the world at large to enjoy your content.

BizzyB User Portfolio

Digital Student Portfolios

Enjoy personal digital portfolios that aggregate project summaries, badges, certifications, contest awards, authored works and soft skill assessments.

Soft Skill Assessments

Empower students with soft skill assessments and skill aspiration insights. Includes pre- and post-survey system for VIBE, EIS, 4Cs, MTC, SnapShot and SEL.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's Free & What's Pay?

Free Student Accounts include Personal Profile, Personal Digital Portfolio and Soft Skills Assessments. Student pay version includes Edit mode for unlimited projects charged on a monthly basis. Adult roles are all free. See Plans »

What Age is BizzyB For?

The online version of BizzyB is limited to individuals ages 13 years old and up. This restriction is designed to protects the privacy of young minors. Print materials are open to all ages.

What's a Concept Canvas?

BizzyB Concept Canvas is a design-thinking workspace to brainstorm 5 essential themes of an innovation project. As a checklist, it’s appropriate for any project-based, innovation or entrepreneurial experience.

How Long Does It Take?

BizzyB is scalable from one-hour use of a one-page Concept Canvas to all-year full journaling learning experiences. It’s ideal for continuing review and comments by mentors. The more time you have, the better BizzyB works.

How Are Leaders Assigned?

A Project Manager invites team members then assigns leader or co-leader roles for team members to govern the 5 key themes of innovation. Leaders act as topic facilitators and can send feedback surveys.

What's Virtual Mentoring?

With BizzyB, mentors and team mmbers can collaborate on a remote basis through comment channels and feedback surveys. All communications are presetned in queues that respect the time and attention of both mentors and team members. Mentor role is entirely free.

Can We Customize Contests?

Yes. Anyone can open a free, customized contest for any number of students. Customization of contests includes rules, rubrics, schedules, instructions and more. Contest creation and management featrures are free. 

Can We Customize Templates?

Yes. BizzyB offers a free, built-in authoring system to create custom project templates (instructions, tips & examples) and STEM skill lessons. A teacher training system is included. All Template, Lesson and Teacher Training features are free.

How Are Soft Skills Assessed?

Pre- and post-project surveys can be activated by group managers to measure soft skills including VIBE Creative Aspirations, EIS Innovation Skills, 4Cs, MTC, SnapShot and SEL. Surveys are only activated as part of student project journal editing features, thus the uptake of survey data is part of monthly subscription features. Once projects are complete, Soft Skill survey contents enter student portfolios and  assessment reports which are included in the free student version.

Do You Offer Services?

Yes. We are happy to co-produce contests, provide production support services and create custom contests, templates and lessons on an as-needed basis. Contact Us »


BizzyB enables youth around the world to work together to affect positive change. I'm excited and believe that this is the future of education.

Susie O

Susie O

Retired Hawaii State Senator

BizzyB has been the PERFECT fit for Camp Girl Boss! Thanks to BizzyB our curriculum is more enriched, versatile and feature-rich than ever before!

Emily B

Emily B

Curriculum Publisher

BizzyB was amazing. Our business hackathon challenge was a truly global event with students and mentors collaborating from remote locations around the world.

Jason U

Jason U

Nonprofit Executive Director

BizzyB is great for brainstorming with people, especially people you don't even know. It's cool creating ideas with others from far away.

Catherine P

Catherine P

Hackathon Participant

This is a game-changer that represents the future of education. It takes STEM education, mentoring and challenge-based learning to new heights.

Phillipe R

Phillipe R

Educator & Fundraising Consultant

The hackathon on BizzyB was one of the best educational experiences for my students and myself. I would like to start using BizzyB in my classes to teach critical thinking skills.

Mark G

Mark G

Teacher & Hackathon Mentor

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Free accounts include abridged Fab Five™ digital portfolio & assessments. Educators, Mentors, Judges & Parents are all free.

Premium Membership

Includes Free Member features plus project template journaling, reports, feedback surveys & mentor commenting. See Plans for more information.

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