About Our Approach to Innovation & Education

BizzyB is a first-of-its-kind challenge-based learning platform that combines project-based learning, STEM, innovation & entrepreneurial mindset training.

Design Principles & Guiding Philosophy

BizzyB combines traditional curriculum models, contemporary project-based learning and leading-edge information technologies to yield a next-generation education system. The result is a flexible platform that offers a collaborative learning environment.


STEM Mastery

Content mastery topics including STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) manifest as Lesson topics with step-by-step instructions.

Design Thinking

Built-in creative problem solving through empathetic ideation, experimentation and continual iteration cycles through testing.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Self-starting, creative, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills relevant to running a business or being a standout employee.


Online project journaling with comment sidebars fosters collaboration among team members and mentors from anywhere, anytime.

Project-Based Learning

Hands-on innovation experiences are offered through collaborative project journals that include contextualized tips, examples and inspiring quotes. 

Innovation Themes

Comprehensive innovation strategies are developed through consideration and balancing of 5 essential themes of innovation.


Built-in leadership training through team members facilitating each of the 5 themes of innovation that match 5 key C-suite roles.

Soft Skills

Group Managers elect to measure soft skills through 4Cs, VIBE, EIS, 4Cs, SEL, MTC and Snapshot pre- and post-project surveys.

Company & History

BizzyB is produced and published by Bizgenics Foundation, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit that seeks to empower all people to discover unique personal skills and learn positive social values to catalyze a bright future. Bizgenics specializes in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship K-12 student programs including Lemonade Alley and Project Lemon Tree.

Bizgenics is lead by Chairman Steve Sue. While most of his time is dedicated to Bizgenics, he’s also active in several technology-based ventures largely through SaaS Ventures. His career includes 25 years as a story expert, conceptualist and startup guy in entertainment, hospitality, food service, retail, product and software development. Steve holds a BA in design from UCLA and a JD from UC Berkeley.

BizzyB is the result of a three-year grant by The Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation to create an online student innovation and entrepreneurship platform. We are very thankful to the Hoag Foundation for providing the resources to create the BizzyB program.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's Free & What's Pay?

Free Student Accounts include Personal Profile, Personal Digital Portfolio and Soft Skills Assessments. Student pay version includes Edit mode for unlimited projects charged on a monthly basis. Adult roles are all free. See Plans »

What Age is BizzyB For?

The online version of BizzyB is limited to individuals ages 13 years old and up. This restriction is designed to protects the privacy of young minors. Print materials are open to all ages.

What's a Concept Canvas?

BizzyB Fab Five Concept Canvas is a design-thinking workspace to brainstorm 5 essential themes of an innovation project. As a checklist, it’s appropriate for any project-based, innovation or entrepreneurial experience.

How Long Does It Take?

BizzyB is scalable from one-hour use of a one-page Concept Canvas to all-year full journaling learning experiences. It’s ideal for continuing review and comments by mentors. The more time you have, the better BizzyB works.

How Are Leaders Assigned?

A Project Manager invites team members then assigns leader or co-leader roles for team members to govern the 5 key themes of innovation. Leaders act as topic facilitators and can send feedback surveys.

What's Virtual Mentoring?

With BizzyB, mentors and team mmbers can collaborate on a remote basis through comment channels and feedback surveys. All communications are presetned in queues that respect the time and attention of both mentors and team members. Mentor role is entirely free.

Can We Customize Contests?

Yes. Anyone can open a free, customized contest for any number of students. Customization of contests includes rules, rubrics, schedules, instructions and more. Contest creation and management featrures are free. 

Can We Customize Templates?

Yes. BizzyB offers a free, built-in authoring system to create custom project templates (instructions, tips & examples) and STEM skill lessons. A teacher training system is included. All Template, Lesson and Teacher Training features are free.

How Are Soft Skills Assessed?

Pre- and post-project surveys can be activated by group managers to measure soft skills including VIBE Creative Aspirations, EIS Innovation Skills, 4Cs, MTC, SnapShot and SEL. Surveys are only activated as part of student project journal editing features, thus the uptake of survey data is part of monthly subscription features. Once projects are complete, Soft Skill survey contents enter student portfolios and  assessment reports which are included in the free student version.

Do You Offer Services?

Yes. We are happy to co-produce contests, provide production support services and create custom contests, templates and lessons on an as-needed basis. Contact Us »


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Includes free account, Personal Portfolio and Personal Soft Skills Assessments. Teachers, mentors, contest producers & authors are free.

Premium Members

Upgrade features include expanded Project Templates. Reports. Feedback Surveys and more. See All Features >>

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