About BizzyB:

Our approach to innovation & education

BizzyB is a first-of-its-kind education paradigm that combines project-based learning, innovation & entrepreneurial mindset training.

About the BizzyB Education Model

Design Principals

BizzyB combines traditional curriculum models, contemporary project-based learning models and leading-edge information technologies to yield a next-generation education system. The result is a flexible platform that offers a collaborative learning environment for any learning style.

Produced and published by Bizgenics Foundation, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, BizzyB is the result of a three-year grant by The Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation to create an online student innovation and entrepreneurship platform. We are very thankful to the Hoag Foundation for providing the resources to create the BizzyB program.

STEM Mastery

Content mastery topics including STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) manifest as Lesson topics with step-by-step instructions.

Design Thinking

Built-in creative problem solving through empathetic ideation, experimentation and continual iteration cycles through testing.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Self-starting, creative, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills relevant to running a business or being a standout employee.


Online project journaling with comment sidebars fosters collaboration among team members and mentors from anywhere, anytime.


Badges and certifications are awarded based on Lesson Quizs, Mentor Certification Tests and completed challenges.

Project-Based Learning

Hands-on innovation experiences are offered through collaborative project journals that include contextualized tips, examples and inspiring quotes. 

Innovation Themes

Comprehensive innovation strategies are developed through consideration and balancing of 5 essential themes of innovation.


Built-in leadership training through team members facilitating each of the 5 themes of innovation that match 5 key C-suite roles.

Soft Skills

Group Managers elect to measure soft skills through 4Cs, VIBE, EIS, 4Cs, SEL, MTC and Snapshot pre- and post-project surveys.

Digital Portfolios

Project summaries, badges, certifications, awards and soft skill assessments are aggregated in a personal digital portfolio.

Leveling the Playing Field Through Mobile Devices

Studies show that almost for all income classes, 93-97% of teens in the Unites States have smartphones. BizzyB is therefore engineered to be entirely accessible for use on smartphones.

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