About Story-Based Innovation Learning

BizzyB is a first-of-its-kind story-based online learning platform blends multiple learning styles to make learning engaging, fun and efficient.

Design Principles & Guiding Philosophy

BizzyB offers traditional and contemporary learning models in combination with leading-edge information technologies to yield a next-generation education system. The result is a customizable platform for educators to push the envelope of learning.

Remote vs. In-Class

Designed to work equally well remotely, in-class or via blended at-home/in-class experiences.

Lesson Authoring

Lesson authoring, syllabi and quizzes for content mastery including STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) experiences.


Built-in creative problem solving through empathetic ideation, experimentation and continual iteration cycles through testing.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Self-starting, creative, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills relevant to running a business or being a standout employee.


Online project journaling with comment sidebars fosters collaboration among team members and mentors from anywhere, anytime.

Fair & Equal Access

All features are 100% usable on mobile devices as 93% of students have access to smart phones.

Project-Based Learning

Hands-on project journals that include customizable tips, examples, inspiring quotes, mentor collaboration and feedback surveys. 

Innovation Themes

Comprehensive innovation strategies are developed through consideration and balancing of 5 essential themes of innovation.


Built-in leadership training through team members facilitating each of the 5 themes of innovation that match 5 key C-suite roles.

Measure Soft Skills

Group Managers elect to measure soft skills through 4Cs, VIBE, EIS, 4Cs, SEL, MTC and Snapshot pre- and post-project surveys.

BizzyB Backstory

BizzyB is produced and published by Bizgenics, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit that seeks to empower all people to discover unique personal skills and learn positive social values to catalyze a bright future. Bizgenics specializes in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial K-12 student programs including Lemonade Alley and Project Lemon Tree.

BizzyB is the result of a three-year grant by The Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation to create an online student innovation and entrepreneurship platform.

BizzyB was conceived by Bizgenics’ Chairman Steve Sue, a story expert turned software entrepreneur and philanthropic educator.

In addition to grant funded support, BizzyB is supported with microservice technologies by SaaS Ventures, a software-as-a-service development and publishing company.

Funders and partners interested in helping this program develop are invited to participate.

BizzyB Online

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