About BizzyB

Empowering Next-Gen Innovation & Entrepreneurship

BizzyB Mission

BizzyB’s mission is to empower students, grades 3-12, to explore innovation, career pathways and charitable giving as they turn dreams into triple-bottom-line realities.

Bizgenics Foundation

BizzyB is produced by the Bizgenics Foundation, a Hawaii-based 501(C)(3) nonprofit. Bizgenic’s mission is to empower the disadvantaged, particularly low-income and disenfranchised youth, to achieve positive legacy through business. To learn more, see Bizgenics.org »

Bizgenics Foundation leverages Bizgenics® Innovation Framework, a business topics standard that makes business easy and accessible to all. To learn more, see the theory website at Bizgenics.com »

The Hoag Foundation

BizzyB is produced under a 3-year grant from The Hoag Foundation, Irvine California. The mission of The Hoag Foundation is to: Educate, empower and create greater opportunity for at-risk children to become independent, productive and contributing members of society; Support medical research and technology to enhance the health and well-being of children; and Support such other compelling purposes that will enhance the quality of life for residents in Southern California as the Board shall approve.

Eco-Opps Division of Bizgenics Foundation

Eco-Opps provides sustainability projects to BizzyB. It’s goal is to provide ecological-opportunities for next generation leaders to heal our planet through the collaborative efforts of eco-stewardship and to challenge our youth to innovate new ideas through ecological ventures. Each year, Eco-Opps hosts a new project to direct the attention of our participants to an issue affecting our planet. The annual projects are chosen with immense consideration in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to reflect Eco-Opps vision of championing ecological ventures to make a better world. See EcoOpps.com »

STEMD2 R&D Group

STEMD2 under the guidance of Professor Kaveh Abhari, Phd., provides information technology, machine learning and AI oversight as well as 21st Century soft skills assessment and reporting oversight for BizzyB. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – known collectively as STEM – are not just critical to economic growth and national competitiveness, they are essential to solving the world’s most pressing problems. STEMD2 group aims at advancing knowledge, transforming practice, and building capacity to broaden participation and achievement of students underrepresented in STEM degree programs and in the workforce. Visit STEMD2.org »

Center on Disability Studies, University of Hawaii

Research resources for BizzyB are provided by The Center on Disability Studies (CDS), located at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa in the College of Education. The mission of the CDS is to promote diverse abilities across the lifespan through interdisciplinary training, research, and service. Visit CDS »